About us

Welcome to Technical College Reykjavík

The Technical College Reykjavik is the largest vocational school in Iceland with approximately 2000 students and over 200 employees.The college consists of 13 schools:

School of Electrical Technology
School of Building and Construction Trades School of Continuing Education School of Handicraft - Hair, gold and clothes
School of Marine Engineering
School of General Academic Studies and Design The Icelandic Flight Academy School of Information Technology 
School of Master Craftsmanship 
School of Multimedia 
School of Navigation
Technical Academy

Each school has its own principal as well as educational independence. The Technical Academy is an umbrella term for the Schools of Multimedia, The School of Master Craftsmanship, Web developmet  and a study program offered in Lighting Design.
All the schools of the Technical College have councils of specialists which are comprised of representatives of Icelandic businesses, employers and workers, as well as teachers with expertise in each trade. The school offers a total of around 50 study programmes and 800 courses each semester.

The Icelandic unit-credit school system is based on an ideology that is very similar to the unit credit system in the USA. Each subject is divided into course units and the duration of a course is one semester. One credit unit is equivalent to two study lessons (40 min. each) for 18 weeks (i.e. approx. 36 study lessons).


The Technical College Reykjavik is a private institution, owned by the following Icelandic business organizations:

  • Fisheries Iceland,
  • the Federation of Icelandic Industries,
  • Samorka – Icelandic Energy & Utilities and
  • the Craftsman's Association Reykjavik

The Technical College is a non-profit organization based on a service agreement with the Ministry of Education. The school takes note of the new Upper Secondary School Act in its development and aims at adjusting the education, offered by the various schools, to the opportunities generated by the new Act.

Brief history

The school was founded in 2008 with the merger of Iðnskólinn í Reykjavík and Fjöltækniskóli Íslands, combining four pillars of education in one institution. Iðnskólinn í Reykjavík was founded in 1904 and at the time of the merger Fjöltækniskóli Íslands consisted of the Navigational College founded in 1891, the Marine Engineering College founded in 1915 and the Icelandic Flight Academy, established 1998.

In 2015 the merger of Iðnskólinn í Hafnarfjörður and Tækniskólinn made the Technical College Reykjavik the biggest college in Iceland.