Print/copy cards

Print/copy cards

Printing and access

Printer ID cards are applied for and delivered at the school libraries.
In case of problems using the cards students should turn to library staff for assistance.


Printer ID cards cost ISK 500. Replacing a lost card costs ISK 2000.Description: Prentkort-framhlið

Students need printer ID cards to print or photocopy in school printers. Each card comes with a credit balance of at least 100 print units.

Printing costs:

A4 black/white = 1 print unit

A4 colour = 2 print units

A3 black/white = 2 print units

A3 colour = 4 print units.


Keep in mind when printing:

Litaprentari Svart-hvítt - prentari
 Colour printing           B/W printing  
  • Students must be logged in to print and can only access a print job on the account it was ordered from using the correct printer ID card.
  • Choose one of the three printer controls depending on what is being printed. Litur for colour printing and Svart-hvitur for B/W
  • Paper size A4 is set by default. Paper size A3 must be selected manually in “Printing preferences”.

The cards can also be used as access cards to certain buildings or classrooms and headmasters handle applications. Access can only be granted when students have applied for and received a printer ID card.