School of Continuing Education

School of Continuing Education

Stigagangur Skólavörðuholti

The role of the School of Continuing Education is to promote education programmes in continuing education and lifelong learning, according to the needs of the Icelandic economy. The objective of the school is to offer supplementary post-secondary non tertiary education for those who have completed a matriculation examination or a vocational study programme, as well as general courses that are open to the public.

Courses in the School of Continuing Education

The School of Continuing Education offers numerous courses for the public and specialised study programmes for employees in various industries as well as preparatory study programmes for a journeyman's examination in the vocational study programmes taught at the Technical College Reykjavik. Most trade unions' educational funds sponsor their members' participation in these programmes.

Courses for the general public

The school offers evening and weekend courses such as drawing, oil painting, bookmaking, bookbinding, furniture repairs, welding, guitar making, wood carving, silversmithery, upholstery, sewing and lessons in using iPad | iPhone. Other courses are stone polishing, packaging design, computer game programming, 3D design and many more. The school also offers specialized courses for companies and organizations. List of courses.

Certification courses and renewal of rights

Courses for renewal of master of ships rights, and various other courses for seamanship and sailing are taught at the school. Also preparatory courses for licensing on recreational craft, radar plotting, digital nautical charts and information systems etc.

Principal of the School of Continuing Education
Ragnhildur Gjuðjónsdóttir, email: 
Tel: 514 9601 mobile: 820 9597
Office no. 221 Háteigsvegur

Project managers for courses: 

Marta LoftsdóttirJóhanna Björk Gísladóttir, and Hulda Orradóttir, email: