School of Continuing Education

School of Continuing Education

Stigagangur SkólavörðuholtiThe School of Continuing Education is one of the schools of the Technical College Reykjavik. The role of the school is to extend and strengthen education programmes in continuing education and lifelong learning, according to the needs of the Icelandic economy. The object of the school is to offer supplementary post-secondary non tertiary education for those who have completed a matriculation examination or a vocational study programme of some kind, as well as general courses that are open to the public.

According to the Upper Secondary School Act, Article 17 to 19, upper secondary schools may offer
study programmes that are supplementary to the defined upper secondary education. The School of Continuing Education offers supplementary education towards university credit units in the following subjects:

Business operation and management. In cooperation with Reykjavik University. There are four branches: Operations management of fisheries for 92 ECTS credit units, flight operations management for 92 ECTS credit units, general studies in operation and management for 92 ECTS credit units. 

A study in lighting technology (60 units) is for those who want to deepen their knowledge of light and learn about the interplay of design, colour and light; choice of lamps, utility of lighting and its influence when receiving and interpreting messages. The study programme is for technicians, master craftsmen, electricians and students in industrial- or artistic vocational programmes of study as well as for architects and engineers.

The master craftsman study programme is run by the School of Master Craftsmanship. The object of the master craftsman study programme is to educate and train students, who have completed a journeyman's examination, for the master craftsmanship according to Article 10 no. 47/1978 of the Industrial Act; to run an independent operation in their trade, manage projects and teach work techniques and safety rules to apprentices and provide vocational training.

The School of Continuing Education offers numerous courses for the public and specialised study programmes for employees in diverse industries as well as preparatory study programmes for a journeyman's examination in the vocational study programmes of the Technical College
Reykjavik. Most trade unions' educational funds sponsor their members' participation in these programmes. Further information about the funds and members' rights are to be had from the relevant trade unions.

The Technical College
Reykjavik has the guardianship of the educational fund “Sjómennt” (Education for sailors). “Sjómennt” sponsors work-related studies and study programmes for sailors who are members of trade unions that belong to The Association of Icelandic Sailors (Sjómannasamband Íslands). “Sjómennt” also allocates grants to fishing companies in order to run seminars for their employees and the fund sponsors the preparation of educational material for seamen and boatswains on Icelandic fishing vessels.

The Principal of the School of Continuing Education is Áslaug Maack Pétursdóttir, e-mail address