School of General Academic Studies and Design

The School of General Academic Studies and Design

To meet the needs of the students and to strengthen their independence and initiative

Líffræðitími í TæknimenntaskólanumThe role of the School of General Academic Studies is twofold. On the one hand it offers the core subjects such as English, Icelandic and mathematics that are required in all the schools and study programmes of the Technical College Reykjavik. On the other hand it provides the possibility of graduating with matriculation certificate from the college.

This School has four education programmes, one in Design and Innovatin, one for new citizens of Iceland, one for vocational training and a specialized training programme.
The rehabilitation programme Janus also has facilities at the school.

Students graduating with a matriculation certificate from the Technical College Reykjavik have the advantage of students graduating from traditional Icelandic upper secondary schools in that they have completed courses from two study programmes. The education towards the matriculation examination is therefore supplementary to the vocational branch that the students choose, such as design, computer studies, cabinet making etc.

Students can also matriculate within the branch of natural sciences with a specialisation in aeronautics, electro-technical studies, marine engineering or engine technology.

Matriculation certificate in addition to specific vocational branch

The objective of the School of General Academic Studies is to provide a solid foundation for its students in general academic subjects which are a necessary basis for all other studies. Furthermore to enable the students of all the schools and branches of the Technical College Reykjavik to graduate with a matriculation certificate in addition to their specific vocational branch.

The policy of the School of General Academic Studies is to meet the needs of the students and to strengthen their independence and initiative.

Programme of Design and Innovation

Umbúðahönnun 2014, Erla Eyþórsdóttir, 1. verðlaun fyrir EldfjallThe programme of Design and Innovation prepares the students for university studies in design, handicraft and arts:

  1. Design and Innovation. Graduating with matriculation certificate and preparation for university studies in design, architecture and arts.
  2. A one year diploma study - ( for students whom have matriculation certificate and need additional credit units for university studies).        

Students graduating from the programme of Design and Innovation will have a good opportunity to study in arts and design schools in Iceland as well as abroad. The course is a very good option if the student is looking for a degree in design or architecture.

Programme for new citizens ANN14

The education programme is aimed at students who have a native language other than Icelandic. The programme offers various Icelandic courses and customized courses in English, mathematics and computer subjects. - Information for applicants to the multicultural faculty (pdf). -

Vocational training programme SNB

The vocational study programme is for students who have received extensive study assistance on the compulsory school level. The study programme focuses mainly on the vocational part of the studies.

Specialized training programme SBR

This programme is for students with severe behavioural disorders or learning disabilities. Most students have been diagnosed on the autism spectrum. All students have a personal schedule and a home classroom.

Janus rehabilitation Ltd.

Janus rehabilitation Ltd. has offices at the school and provides a rehabilitation programme for individuals who have had to leave work or school due to health problems, but want to re-join the workforce. The Janus homepage.


Online applications are on the Educational Gateway (Menntagátt) of the Icelandic Ministry of Education, Science and Culture.  

Please note that applications for Janus are through their website.

The Principal is Kolbrún Kolbeinsdóttir

Tel: (+354) 514 9301 and (+354) 891 9230
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