Computer Services

Computer Services

Phonenumbers for computer sevices:

Skólavörðuholt: 514-9050
Háteigsvegur: 514-9051
Hafnarfjörður: 514-9052

Guidelines for using school computers

Computers and computer equipment in the Technical College Reykjavik are school property and only intended for use that is consistent with school objectives. These include studying, teaching, presentations etc. Students working on school projects have precedence over others in access to school computers. 

Students are responsible for all usage by or of the user name that they have been assigned.

The school reserves the right to inspect and delete any information or data in students user accounts to ensure that rules regarding use of computers are being followed.

All students have access to an online storage space ( 

Users are not allowed to:

• give others access to their user name.
• attempt to sign in to the school computers with a user name other than that which has been assigned to them.
• use the internet access to attempt to illegally enter a network or computers belonging to others.
• download, send, save or use software that can be used for illegal actions or any types of vandalism.
• change the work environment on school computers in a way that affects the work environment and usage of others.
• alter, copy or remove hardware, software or documents belonging to the school.
• copy software or documents belonging to others without owner consent.
• install software on school computers without permission from the system manager.
• send, download or store pornographic material or material depicting violence.
• send chain letters or any other type of junk mail.
• play games on the computers other than windows system games.
• listen to radio or watch television on the internet without permission.
• download music or moving pictures.
• download large amounts of material without permission.
• download large amounts of material without permission, i.e. movies.
• do anything that can cause inconvenience to other users.
• hide their IP- address.
• connect an unregistered computer to the network.
• connect a computer that has not been updated to the network.

Food is not allowed in computer labs and the schools' computer classrooms.
Violation of these rules can result in the revocation of computer accounts. Serious and/or repeated violations may lead to students being expelled from the school.