About the College

The majority of our programmes emphasize vocational training for the skilled trades. Our students also have the option of graduating with a matriculation examination which many choose to complete in parallel with their vocational training.

The many specialized fields we offer training in give students certification in their chosen trade and multiple options after graduation, both for employment and further studies at the university level.

Our Schools

Technical College Reykjavík consists of 8 schools and the Technical Academy, offering around 50 study programmes and 800 courses each semester.
Each school has its own headmaster as well as educational independence:

  • School of Building and Construction Trades
  • School of Design & Handicraft
  • School of Electrical Technology
  • School of General Academic Studies and Design
  • School of Information Technology
  • School of Marine Engineering
  • School of Navigation
  • Technical Academy:
    Web Development
    Digital Entertainment
    Master Craftsmanship

Our History

Technical College Reykjavik was founded in 2008 but it’s history goes back to the 19th century.

The school traces its origins to four pillars of vocational education in Iceland:

  • The Navigational College, established 1891
  • Reykjavík Technical College, established 1904
  • Marine Engineering College, established 1915
  • Technical College of Hafnafjörður, established 1928.

These institutions have merged into one, forming the largest vocational school in Iceland.


The majority of the school’s programmes are vocational training programmes for the skilled trades. These programmes are upper secondary school level (framhaldsskóli) and students must complete an apprenticeship of a certain length of time with a master craftsman or an industrial firm, to finish their studies.



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