Computer Services

Information about computer services at the school and how to contact the IT department.
About access to Inna, computer systems and WiFi.
About printing cards and how to print within the school.
How you connect your computer to the WiFi.
About Office 365 and Adobe.

General Assistance

If you need to get information to the IT department, send an email to [email protected]

IT Department phone numbers:

  • Skólavörðuholt: 514-9050
  • Háteigsvegur: 514-9051
  • Hafnarfjörður: 514-9052

Head of IT Department: Ómar Aage Tryggvason.
Lead System Administrator: Tryggvi Jóhannsson.
List of IT Technicians: Technicians.

Computer and WiFi access

In order to access the school computers you need to have an active password on Inna

All students have access to the computers in the school. The username and password used to sign in are the same as you use to log into Inna.

Note: You cannot use Íslykill to access the computers or WiFi.


Connect to the network (SSID) “Taekniskolinn” to get access.

Virtual Machines

All students and staff have access to virtual machines, regardless of whether or not they are connected to the school’s systems.

Printing - ID Card

The ID card available from the school’s library is used as both an access card and a printing card. Application and payment is handled by the libraries.

Printing: You need an ID card to use the school printers.

ID Card: Stu­dents can apply for after-school-access to some of the specialized classrooms and to the library study area at Háteigsvegur. Applications for classroom access are filed with the head of the school in question, and with the library for access to the study area. 


Office and Adobe

Technical College Reykjavík, in association with Microsoft, presents all students with Microsoft Office, free of charge, through Microsoft Office 365 “Student Advantage”.



All students, and parents/guardians of students under 18, have access to Inna.

If you are 18 years old . . .

Parents/guardians don’t have access to Inna after the student turns 18. If you would like to grant your parent/guardian access to your Inna you can reopen the parent/guardian access, or allow the school to send the parents/guardian information. To give parents/guardians access – go to the menu “aðstandendur” in Inna.

Inna is a teaching platform

Inna lets you to access timetables, information about education, absences and midterm evaluations, as well as teaching aids, assignments and instructions from teachers. Students can also use Inna to contact their teachers.



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