School of General Academic Studies and Design

The school has four study programmes: Design and Innovation, Icelandic as a second language, Academic studies for matriculation examination and a Special Education programme.
The rehabilitation programme Janus also has facilities at the school.

Solid foundation
School of General Academic Studies and Design

Academic and design studies

Possibility of graduating with matriculation certificate

The School of General Aca­demic Studies has two main roles. It offers the core subj­ects such as English, Icelandic and mat­hematics that are required in all study programmes of the Technical Col­lege Reykjavik and it provides the possi­bility of graduating with mat­riculation certificate from the col­lege.

Study Programmes


This School has four study programmes: Design and Innovation, Academic studies for matriculation examination, a Special Education programme and Icelandic as a second language.

Stu­dents graduating with a mat­riculation certificate from the Technical Col­lege Reykjavik have the advantage of stu­dents graduating from tra­diti­onal Icelandic upper secondary schools in that they have completed courses from two study programmes. The education tow­ards the mat­riculation exam­ination is supp­lementary to the vocati­onal branch that the stu­dents choose, such as design, computer studies, cabinet making etc.

Stu­dents can also mat­riculate within the branch of natural sciences with a specialisation in aeronautics, electro-technical studies, marine eng­ineering or engine technology.


Welcome to the School of General Academic Studies and Design

Kolbrún Kolbeinsdóttir

Greetings from the headmaster

What do you want to be when you grow up? Which education is right for you?  If it is one of the programmes we offer at The School of General Academic Studies and Design I would like to welcome you aboard!

Kolbrún Kolbeinsdóttir

  • Skólastjóri Tæknimenntaskólans í leyfi skólaárið 2019 til 2020.
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