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The Technical College Reykjavík places great emphasis on providing students with the assistance they need in order to per­form to the best of their abilities.

Student counselling service

Student counsellors

Student counsellors provide students with counselling on most things concerning their studies, such as course selection, planning their education and progress evaluation. They also assist students in personal matters. All matters discussed with student counsellors are confidential.

Contact student counsellors

School psychologist

Benedikt Bragi psychologist offers students counselling and works closely with the school counsellors.

Students can seek counselling for various reasons, such as anxiety, depression, social isolation, social skills, friends and friendships, relationships, family matters, study techniques, goal setting and many others.

Bookings via Inna with referrals from a student counsellor or by email directly to Benedikt at [email protected]

Study Lab

The Study Lab is for everyone

The role of the Study Lab is to provide you with support and assistance if you have any type of study difficulties. In the Study Lab you can get help taking tests and support with homework as well as general assistance in foundation subjects.  You can also get assistance in the Study Lab when working on projects or writing essays.

Where is the Study Lab?

The Study lab is located in the library on Skólavörðuholt and in Hafnarfjörður, on Háteigsvegur it’s in the corridor next to the library.

More about the Study Lab
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