Visits & Presentations

At Technical College Reykjavik, we are happy to welcome guests who are interested in visiting us and getting to know our school.
Whether you are a prospective student or a foreign visitor, do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in hearing more about the diverse work that takes place at the school.

Visit us

Visit us to learn more about the school. Our marketing and promotion staff are happy to give tours and presentations to visitors or groups.

The student council of the Technical College (NST) oversees social affairs and events for students, under the guidance of the student body coordinator based in the marketing and promotion department.

The web site is supervised by the marketing department, the webmaster and a web council.

Promotional materials and logo

Advertising and promotional materials

Technical College Reykjavik promotional brochures display key information about the wide range of study programmes and courses offered by the school.

The school emphasizes the preparation of high quality and detailed promotional material and descriptive advertising. The marketing department is a dynamic department, managing all marketing material for the school.

The school logo is available here:

Technical College - Logo

Collaboration with the school

Partner up with us. . .

We are interested in working with companies and the industry. The school has close ties to the business sector, both through its holding company and the professional councils for each academic programme at the school.

Many courses at Technical College Reykjavik provide tailored preparation for specific jobs and educate sought-after people in craft, industry, technology and computer industries to work both in Iceland and internationally.

Please contact the head of the marketing department Ólafur Sveinn Jóhannesson if you are interested in working with us.


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