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Final examination schedules!

Exams will be held Dec 8th - 12th. Students can view their test schedule on the same page as their personal schedule in Inna.

See the complete test schedule here. If the complete test schedule and the test schedule in Inna don't match the one in Inna applies.


Sick leave during final exams

If you miss a test due to illness you can request a test date change. These tests will be held as follows:

Friday Dec. 12th at 13:30 for tests missed during Dec 1st – 5th and

Monday Dec. 15th at 8:30 for tests missed during Dec 8th – 12th


Students must notify the school office of sickness on the test day and bring a doctors' note at least two days after the test to receive a permission slip for a changed test date. Please note that students under the age of 18 years must also bring a doctors' note, parent notes are not sufficient during final exams.

Students who have received permission to change test dates due to illness must hand in the permission slip at the beginning of the test on the changed test date.


Two tests at the same time or three tests in the same day

Students that have two test at the exact same time or three tests in the same day can apply for a changed test date. Students apply at the school office or in the library at Háteigsvegur and receive a permission slip if they fulfill the requirements.


Prolonged test time

Students that have handed in documents about reading difficulties and applied for prolonged test time have to pick up their permission slips at the school office.


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Examinations in December

Teaching will be according to schedules during Dec 1st - Dec 5th.  Students can see their personal test schedule in Inna, please check to see when you have tests. See the complete test schedule here.

Printing and access

Printer ID cards are applied for and delivered at the school libraries. In case of problems using the cards students should turn to library staff for assistance.