Welcome to Technical College Reykjavík

The Technical College Reykjavik is a private institution, owned by the following Icelandic business organizations; The Federation of Icelandic Fishing Vessel Owners, The Federation of Icelandic Industries, Samorka – Icelandic Energy & Utilities and The Icelandic Shipowners' Association.

The ideology by which the Technical College Reykjavik is operated is very different from other upper secondary schools in Iceland. The main difference is that the college consists of eleven schools, each one with its own principal as well as educational independence. The schools have councils of specialists which are comprised of representatives of Icelandic businesses; employers and workers, as well as teachers with expertise in each trade. 

Technical College Reykjavik takes note of the new Upper Secondary School Act in its development and aims at adjusting the education offered by the various schools, to the opportunities generated by the new Act.

Courses – units:

The Icelandic unit-credit school system is based on an ideology that is very similar to the unit credit system in the USA. Each subject is divided into course units and the duration of a course is one semester. One credit unit is equivalent to two study lessons (40 min. each) for 18 weeks (i.e. approx. 36 study lessons). The third figure in the number of each course shows the credit units for that course.



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Facilities / Services


Technical College Reykjavik has two libraries that can be used by students and staff to gather information. The main purpose of the libraries is to offer students and staff easy access to information and references. The libraries provide modern, diverse and personal service and support studies and teaching at the college. The services for the students focus on professional help when it comes to finding information, assistance when it comes to finding references and the staff also helps students to understand the information and choose the relevance of the references, students can also rent books and get assistance with their studies. The libraries also supports the college´s development and student activities.