Teaching at Technical Col­lege Reykjavík takes place at various locations in Reykjavík and in Hafn­ar­fjörður. Here you can find information on the locations of our facilities.

Property Mana­gement Depart­ment

The Property Mana­gement Depart­ment is responsible for the day-to-day operations and mana­gement of the campus facilities and services for staff and stu­dents.

The depart­ment is responsible for maintaining, cle­aning and supervising the schools prem­ises in cooperation with contractors.

They also handle lost and found.

Contact information for each building:
Skólavörðuholt: 514 9060
Háteigs­vegur: 514 9061
Hafn­ar­fjörður: 514 9062

Skólavörðuholt, Skeljanes and Vatnagarðar

The main building is located on Skólavörðuholt: classrooms S 101–S 527. Map– Google map

At Skeljanes 15 in Skerjafjörður the School of Building and Construction Trades has facilities in the masonry and building construction department. Map – Google map

At Sýrland ehf. Vatnagörðum 4 there is a facility to teach Sound Technology.  Map – Google map


The main building in Hafnarfjörður is at Flatahraun and there are the classrooms TH 101–318.  Map– Google map

Gjótan – Gjótuhraun 7: classrooms TH-130–TH-135 (plumbing).  Map – Google map



At Sjómannaskólinn on Háteigsvegur: classrooms H 001–H 309. Map Google map

Vélahús (Engine house) – beside the Sjó­manna­skóli, west entrance: classrooms HV101–HV207.

Smíðahús (Building and Construction house) – belongs to Véla­hús (Engine house), south entrance: classrooms HS101–HS208 .

Raf­magnshús (Electric house) – east of the Vélahús (Engine house): classrooms HR102–HR201.


Aerospace engineering is taught at Árleynir 4 – Keldnaholt. Map – Google map

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