Inna and the teaching platform

Inna is the school information system where students can access information regarding their studies, such as school reports, grades, attendance and courses. Inna is also a teaching platform.

Students’ kennitala is their username for Inna and the password is always accessible through Inna.

It is important that students make sure that their emails and phone numbers in Inna are correct.

Instructions – logging on to Inna.

To sign in to Inna, use Ice Key – Authentication System  or Digital Certificates – Electronic ID by Phone

  1. How and where to go Electronic ID service points
  2. If students have the Icelandic “Kennitala” but not Digital Certificates, they can always sign in to Inna with the Ice Key
  3. If a student does not have the Icelandic “Kennitala”; please contact Jóna Dís in office nr. 314.

Inna lykilorð

Inna – Instructions videos