Reykjavík Academy of Web Development

Are you interested in working in a creative technology environment? Do you have a burning interest in web solutions?

Study at the Reykjavik Academy of Web Development is a customized program in development, interface, user experience and programming.



Study at the Reykjavik Academy of Web Development is the only study program in Iceland that combines teaching in web design, interface and web programming.

The specialization of the study involves a small group of students, good access to teachers, a learning environment that promotes cohesion and student collaboration.

In the program, a strong emphasis is placed on relations with industry and professionals within the industry.



Applicants must have completed a matriculation or equivalent education. In addition, there is a requirement for basic knowledge of computers and good English skills.
A great advantage is that applicants have either a good background in graphics or a basis in programming.

After graduation

After graduating from the Reykjavik Academy of Web Development, students should have acquired skills that are valuable in the labor market. Interface designers and web developers work in places such as web agencies and web departments both in large and mid-sized companies that focus on web activities. As well, many people work independently.
In addition, students who graduate can apply for study programs in Denmark and graduate with a B.A degree in Web Development in three semesters.


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