Physical Education

Physical Education – Theoretical classes

Theoretical classes in Physical Education (PE for short) are similar to classes in other academic subjects.  Students attend the following courses according to their timetable:

  • ÍÞRÓ1GH02AT – Students on Skólavörðuholt
  • ÍÞRÓ1GH02AT-Hát – Students on Háteigsvegur
  • ÍÞRÓ1GH02AT-Hfj – Students in Hafnarfjörður

Physical Education – Practical classes fall semester 2022

New students attend physical education according to their timetables. For all older students physical education is shown in the timetable on Mondays but they need to organize their attendance with their PE teacher. The following timetables show when they are available. Students must meet with their PE teacher and plan their course activity for the semester.

Please note that all practical PE classes are shown in timetables at 09:15 on Monday mornings but there are no PE classes at that time and NO ONE should attend.

Stundatafla – Skólavörðuholti

Kl. Mánudagur Þriðjudagur Miðvikudagur Fimmtudagur Föstudagur
09:15–10:15 ABCDEFG A-1 Tækjasalur
10:35–11:40 Tækjasalur Tækjasalur A-6 Tækjasalur Tækjasalur
11:40–12:40 A-4 Tækjasalur A-5 Tækjasalur Tækjasalur Tækjasalur
12:40–13:10     –  Hádegishlé  –    
13:10–14:10 Tækjasalur A-7 Tækjasalur Tækjasalur A-2 A-3 Tækjasalur
14:15–15:15   Tækjasalur A-8 Tækjasalur
15:15-16:15   Tækjasalur

Stundatafla – Háteigsvegi

ATH. Tækjasalur er niðrí kjallara hjá lyftunni í aðalandyri skólans.
Kl. Mánudagur Þriðjudagur Miðvikudagur Fimmtudagur Föstudagur
09:15–10:15 Tækjasalur Tækjasalur (2) Tækjasalur
10:35–11:40 Tækjasalur Tækjasalur
11:40–12:40 Tækjasalur (1) Tækjasalur
12:40–13:10  –  Hádegishlé  –
13:10–14:10 Tækjasalur Tækjasalur Tækjasalur (4) Tækjasalur (3)
15:15-16:15   Tækjasalur  

Stundatafla – Hafnarfirði

ATH. Tækjasalur HF er World class Dalshrauni 1 í Hafnarfirði
Kl. Mánudagur Þriðjudagur Miðvikudagur Fimmtudagur Föstudagur
09:15–10:15 World class(5)
10:35–11:40 World class World class (4) World class
11:40–12:40 World class World class World class(2)
12:40–13:10  –  Hádegishlé  – 
13:10–14:10 World class World class World class(1)
15:15-16:15 World class


Minimal attendance and PE class location:

Minimal attendance for PE is once a week but students are welcome to attend more often. Students can attend a class in whichever location they prefer given there is a teacher present.

Where is the sports facility:

  • Skólavörðuholt: In the basement of the main building
  • Hafnarfjörður: In World Class Dalshraun 1
  • Háteigsvegur: In the basement of the main building

Information for students planning on getting a PE contract

Students who are registered for practical classes in PE but are training or practice a sport outside of school with a coach or trainer they can get PE credits for that training. Students need to make a special contract with their teacher and honour its terms for the contract to be valid and replace regular PE classes at school.

Further information regarding PE contracts

Students can make a contract with their PE teacher to get PE  credits for activities outside of school.

This contract must be made before September 26th.

Students must meet with their PE teacher when they are available (see timetables above). Students will be given a contract form to fill out. If students are under 18 they need a parent’s/guardian’s signature. For the contract to be valid students must also turn in the following documents to their PE teacher electronically before the listed deadlines:

  • A confirmation of attendance from their training facility (sports club, trainer, gym etc.). Before September 26th.
  • A one-week training diary listing type of training, goals, how the training is carried out, details and times of each training session. Before October 13th.
  • A record of attendance for the semester, minimum of 30 times. This record can be from the training facility or a record kept by the students themselves. Before December 2nd.

Students who meet these conditions will pass the course and receive a grade.

Click here for the PE contract

Please note the following:

  • These documents can only be turned in to the PE teachers, not to any other members of school staff.
  • Students on a PE contract will not get any registered absences as long as they turn in their documents on time. If they are turned in late or not at all, students will get a registered absence for PE each week until they turn in their documents. These absences are not removed.

Please note carefully that if students miss a deadline, and turn a document in late, their grade for that part of the evaluation drops to 50% of full marks.

Students who turn in at least 50 practices (or other activities) over the semester, plus a detailed training diary, will receive full marks for the course.

If students fail to turn in all documents for evaluation (confirmation of attendance, one-week training diary, record of attendance) they have not honoured their contract and it is void which results in failing the course.  


PE teachers.

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