Sickness absences

Please note that students do not need to call the school to report sickness absences, all sickness absences are registered in Inna.

Please note, if a students sickness absences go over 5 days per spönn (half of the semester) they will need to see their headmaster or school counsellor.


Students under 18 – Parents/guardians register sickness in Inna. They can also contact the school office by e-mail: [email protected].

Students over 18 –  Students over 18 register sickness in Inna.

Sickness absences can only be registered the same day or one day in advance and only for the whole day.

Please note that teachers and other school staff are not permitted to register absences for students.

How to register sick leave


Long Term illness

Students who suffer from long term illnesses or adverse life events that affect their attendance over the semester should contact a student counsellor.

Physical Education
Students who are unable to attend PE over the semester must hand in a doctor’s note within a week from getting their timetable.  



Stu­dents can apply to get a leave of absence under special circumst­ances:

  • Work for rescue teams (björgunarsveit)
  • Loss of family member
  • Trips/practices with national sports teams and musical studies
  • Courses/study trips e.g. exchange student programmes
  • Family trips (in special cases). Please note that leave is not granted for holiday trips
  • Students never get absences for trips organized by the school

Teachers do not grant leaves of absence.

All leaves of absence are subject to app­roval from the vice-principal, Guðrún Randalín Lár­us­dóttir.