Sickness absences

Sickness absences

Sickness absences are reg­istered in Inna.

Sickness absences


Students under 18 – Parents/guardians register sickness in Inna. They can also contact the school office by e-mail: [email protected]

Students over 18 –  Students over 18 register sickness in Inna.

Please note that teachers and other school staff are not permitted to reg­ister absences for stu­dents.

How to register sick leave


Long Term illness

Students who suffer from long term illnesses or adverse life events that affect their attendance over the semester should contact a student counsellor.

Physical Education
Students who are unable to attend PE over the semester must hand in a doctor’s note within a week from getting their timetable.  



Stu­dents can apply to get a leave of absence under special circumst­ances:

  • Work for rescue teams (björgunarsveit)
  • Loss of family member
  • Trips/practices with national sports teams and musical studies
  • Courses/study trips e.g. exchange student programmes
  • Family trips (in special cases). Please note that leave is not granted for holiday trips
  • Students never get absences for trips organized by the school

Teachers do not grant leaves of absence.

All leaves of absence are subject to app­roval from the vice-principal, Guðrún Randalín Lár­us­dóttir.