School of Continuing Education

Offers a wide variety of courses to the public as well as more specialized courses aimed at people working in various trades and preparation courses
for journeyman’s exams.

All courses are taught in Icelandic.

School of Continuing Education


The school offers quality supp­lementary education for students who have completed a mat­riculation exam­ination or a vocati­onal study programme, we also have a variety of general courses open to the public.

Courses in the School of Continuing Education


The school offers evening and weekend courses such as drawing, oil painting, book­making, book­binding, furniture repairs, welding, guitar making, wood car­ving, sil­versmit­hing, uphol­stery, sewing and les­sons in using iPad/iPhone. Other courses are stone pol­is­hing, packaging design, computer game programming, 3D design and many more. The school also offers specialized courses for comp­anies and org­an­izations. Most trade uni­ons’ educati­onal funds sponsor their mem­bers’ participation in the courses.

The school offers preparatory courses for licensing on recreati­onal craft, radar plotting, digital nautical charts and information systems, and various other courses for seam­anship and sailing. Most trade uni­ons’ educati­onal funds sponsor their mem­bers’ participation in these courses.


Welcome to the School of Continuing Education

Ragnhildur Guðjónsdóttir

Greetings from the headmaster

We offer a variety of evening and weekend classes, where many people can find somet­hing that relates to their interests.

We also offer numerous courses for the public and specialised courses for empl­oyees in various industries as well as preparatory study programmes for a jour­neym­an’s exam­ination.

Ragnhildur Guðjónsdóttir

  • Skólastjóri Endurmenntunarskólans og Tækniakademíunnar
  • [email protected]
  • s. 514 9601 / 865 5954


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