School Rules

School Rules

General school rules, rules of attendance and rules regarding computer usage in Technical College Reykjavík. Please read the rules and remember to follow them.  


General rules 

  1. Students are expected to be punctual and to attend all their classes. 
  2. If a class does not start punctually according to timetable and the teacher has not announced an absence, students should check with the school office to find out why. 
  3. Technical College Reykjavik students and staff should respect the school’s values, policies, and rules. 
  4. Students and staff should show mutual respect, politeness and courtesy and always behave so that they are a credit to the school. 
  5. Students should follow instructions given by school staff. 
  6. Students and staff should help keep the school campus and property neat and tidy. 
  7. Tobacco in any form is strictly forbidden in the school campus. This ban includes chewing tobacco and vape and all associated paraphernalia. 
  8.  All use of alcohol and other narcotics is strictly forbidden in the school as well as during any events and trips held by or connected with the school. 
  9. Carrying of weapons is strictly forbidden by law, that includes knives, guns, stun guns or other weapons defined in the Icelandic Weapons Act of 1998 no.16. 
  10. Food and sweets should not be consumed in classrooms, workshops, or the library. Beverages should be kept in closed containers.  
  11. The use of smartphones and other devices in class is subject to teachers consent. 
  12. Students are responsible for their own valuables on campus. 
  13. Students must repay the school for any damage they cause to school property. 
  14. Students cannot park in parking spaces designated as staff parking. 
  15. If a student is found to have cheated on any assignment that assignment is considered invalid and the student can expect to be expelled, temporarily or permanently, depending on the severity of the offence. 


 Rules of attendance 

  1. Students are expected to be punctual and to attend all their classes.  
  2. If a student is absent the first week of school without an explanation, it is assumed that they will not be attending that semester. 
  3. If a class does not start punctually according to timetable and the teacher has not announced an absence, students should check with the school office to find out why. 
  4. Attendance is recorded in the following way:
    • Absence from class for more than 20 minutes – 1 absence point
    • Absence from class for less than 20 minutes – 0,5 absence point
    • Students with 95-100% attendance are rewarded with one credit unit that can be used as a part of elective subjects.
    • If a student’s attendance drops below 80% the school reserves the right to expel them.

Student attendance is reviewed regularly. Students who do not follow attendance rules will receive a reprimand through Inna. If a student repeatedly brakes attendance rules the school reserves the right to expel them.
A student who has received a reprimand and been expelled from school is not entitled to a place at the school the next semester. 
Exceptions can be made to attendance rules for athletes in accordance with chapter 16.2 of the national curriculum. Students must hand in relevant documents to apply and receive consent from their headmaster.


Grades for attendance

  • 97–100% Grade 10 – 1 Credit
  • 95–96,99% Grade 9 – 1 Credit
  • 91–94,99% Grade  8 – 0 Credits 
  • 88–90,99% Grade  7 – 0 Credits 
  • 84–87,99% Grade 6 – 0 Credits 
  • 79,5–83,99% Grade 5 – 0 Credits 
  • 75–79,49% Grade 4 – 0 Credits 
  • 70–74,99% Grade 3 – 0 Credits 
  • 65–69,99% Grade 2 – 0 Credits 
  • Below 65% Grade 1 – 0 Credits 


Rules regarding computer usage

  1. Any computer equipment of the Technical College Reykjavik is school property and is to be used only for studying, teaching, presenting and other school approved activities. 
  2. Students working on school assignments have priority in using computers.  
  3. The owner of a username on the school´s computer system is responsible for its use. 
  4. The school reserves the right to access, view and delete data on student’s drives to ensure that rules regarding their usages are being followed.  
  5. Each student is allocated data storage (H-drive and OneDrive with Microsoft). 
  6. Instructions regarding computer logins and passwords are available on the school website. 
  7. Any usage of school computer equipment and systems not related to schoolwork is forbidden. This includes downloads, installing programs, copying data or software not belonging to the user and changes to hardware. If a different type of usage than the systems’ setup allows is requested, it needs to go through the school´s IT department. 

If a student breaks any school rules, they will receive a warning. Repeated offences can lead to expulsion from the school. Parents/guardians of students under 18 will be notified of any rules broken.