Stu­dents and teachers visit other countries on a reg­ular basis, to participate in proj­ects and courses or in vocati­onal training. Technical Col­lege Reykjavik is an active participant in the EU‘s Era­smus+ programme which supp­orts education, training, youth and sport in Europe.

The benefit of for­eign relations is to gain und­er­st­anding of the subj­ects and studies in an internati­onal context and to gain the invaluable experience of living and working in another country.



Every year, Technical Col­lege Reykjavik sends stu­dents and teachers abroad to participate in proj­ects and courses or in vocati­onal training for their studies at the school.

One of the major benefits of for­eign relations is stu­dents gaining und­er­st­anding of the subj­ects in an internati­onal context and getting a better overview of their opport­unities for the future. The experiences gained by living and working abroad is also a very important factor.

Each stu­dent can apply for 2–24 weeks of studies abroad by arrangement and agreement.



Application Process

Ingibjörg Rögnvaldsdóttir, Head of the Information Center, is in charge of internati­onal colla­boration. She ass­ists stu­dents, teachers and other empl­oyees in finding schools and courses abroad, as well as prep­aring papers and managing contacts.

Ingi­björg also answers questions about interns­hips abroad and advises on the app­lication process.



Strategy and Goals

Technical Col­lege Reykjavik offers stu­dents a first class education that benefits them in the bus­iness and industrial sectors, as well as prep­aring them for post graduate studies at uni­versity level, both domestic and abroad.

Europe has largely become one bus­iness sector and young people completing their studies want to have the opport­unity to work and live in dif­f­erent places around the world, gain exciting experiences, learn new customs and practices that enrich their lives and comm­unity. Technical Col­lege Reykjavik strives to offer its stu­dents that opport­unity.

Read the Internati­onal Stra­tegy



Charter Quality Certification

The VET mobility Charter is a certification of good education and mobility training proj­ects.

The Icelandic Era­smus+ Nati­onal Agency, The Icelandic Centre for Rese­arch – RANNÍS recogn­izes the ability of Technical Col­lege Reykjavik to org­anize and execute good learning and training proj­ects. There is a demand for high quality proj­ects of the parties who receive certification.

It is also important for the org­an­ization to imp­lement policy on internati­onal cooperation, and the Technical Col­lege has published its internati­onal policy.


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