Students and teachers visit other countries on a regular basis, to participate in projects and courses or in vocational training. Technical College Reykjavik is an active participant in the EU‘s Erasmus+ programme which supports education, training, youth and sport in Europe.

The benefit of foreign relations is to gain understanding of the subjects and studies in an international context and to gain the invaluable experience of living and working in another country.



Study abroad

Every year, Technical College Reykjavik sends students and teachers abroad to participate in projects and courses or in vocational training for their studies at the school.

One of the major benefits of foreign relations is students gaining understanding of the subjects in an international context and getting a better overview of their opportunities for the future. The experiences gained by living and working abroad is also a very important factor.

Each student can apply for 2 – 24 weeks of studies abroad by arrangement and agreement.

Application Process

Ingibjörg Rögnvaldsdóttir, Head of the Information Center, is in charge of international collaboration. She assists students, teachers and other employees in finding schools and courses abroad, as well as preparing papers and managing contacts.

Ingibjörg also answers questions about internships abroad and advises on the application process.

Strategy and Goals

Technical College Reykjavik offers students a first class education that benefits them in the business and industrial sectors, as well as preparing them for post graduate studies at university level, both domestic and abroad.

Europe has largely become one business sector and young people completing their studies want to have the opportunity to work and live in different places around the world, gain exciting experiences, learn new customs and practices that enrich their lives and community. Technical Col­lege Reykjavik strives to offer its students that opportunity.

Read the International Strategy

Charter Quality Certification

VET Mobility Charter certification

The VET mobility Charter is a certification of good education and mobility training proj­ects.

The Icelandic Erasmus+ Nati­onal Agency, The Icelandic Centre for Research – RANNÍS recogn­izes the ability of Technical Col­lege Reykjavik to organize and execute good learning and training projects. There is a demand for high quality proj­ects of the parties who receive certification.

It is also important for the org­an­ization to imp­lement policy on internati­onal cooperation, and the Technical Col­lege has published its international policy.

Covid rules

Covid test in Iceland

All foreign guests and groups that visit Technical College Reykjavik must take a Covid test when arriving in Iceland to be able to enter the school. Since guests visit and meet with students and staff, they must undergo the same regulations as Icelanders or people with ties to Iceland.

The Covid test can be taken in Keflavik, at the airport. It only takes a few minutes and is free of charge. The line to take the test is the same line as for checking Covid documents, located after the luggage pick-up and before exiting the airport. The test is a PCR test and results can be expected the same day, usually in a few hours. The result from the Covid test will be sent via SMS.

It is important that everyone who travels to Iceland also familiarizes themselves with the current disease control measures https://www.covid.is/english


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