Demanding and exciting

The electrical trades offer numerous possi­bilities for students int­erested in technology and innovation. Our study programmes include electrotechnics, electric distribution technics and electronic engineering. Students can add general courses to their schedule and graduate with a matriculation examination parallel to their vocational studies. An education in electronics gives students many exciting opportunities for employment as well as for further studies in various branches of engineering at the uni­versity level.


The School of Electrical Technology emp­hasizes a project-oriented education with free access to class­rooms out-side of regular hours for aca­demic and practical work.

Study Programmes

The School of Electrical Technology offers the following programmes:

  • General electrics
  • Electrotechnics
  • Electric distribution technics
  • Electronic engineering
  • Audio engineering
  • Film Industry Technician

The study of electrical technology is org­anised in terms of the final obj­ectives that ref­lect the dem­ands for know­ledge and com­petence of jour­neymen of the various professions in the electrical trades. Basic study in the electrical trades is 80 credits and takes an average of four semesters in school. To enrol, stu­dents must have completed compulsory education according to the Nati­onal Curriculum Guide.


Welcome to the School of Electrical Technology

Valdemar G. Valdemarsson

Welcome to an empowering education

- Greetings from the Headmaster

There are many diverse trades within the field of electrical technology, with the electrician’s trade being the most popular. Choosing this field of study gives students a solid foundation to build on in their future careers or education.

The programmes are heavily project oriented, allowing students to set their own pace of study.

Welcome to an empowering education!

Valdemar G. Valdemarsson


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