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The School of Handicraft offers creative learning in the following subj­ects:

  • Design and Innovation
  • Dressmaking and Tailoring
  • Gold and Silversmithery
  • Hairdressing

On completing their studies, students will also have completed the preparation for a jour­neym­an’s exam that provides qualifications to pursue the trade and/​or further studies tow­ards becoming a master craftsman.

The study period is 3-4 years depending on the studies. Students can add general courses to their schedule and graduate with a matriculation examination parallel to their vocational studies or after finishing them.

Study Programmes

The school offers a two-year preparatory programme in dressmaking/tailoring for students who want to prepare themselves for empl­oy­ment or fur­ther studies in the field of handicraft or design. On completing the programme, stu­dents can choose a specialization, such as the certified trades of dress­making and tail­oring with emp­hasis on special tail­oring, costume sewing, pattern making and other specialized work related to the design and production of clot­hing. The study programme takes four years on average to complete, including the two-year preparatory programme and 24 weeks of vocational training. After completing the programme, the student can take a jour­neym­an’s exam­ that provides qualifications to pursue the selected trade.

The Gold and Silversmithery study programme provides qualifications for a certified trade. On average the study programme takes four years to complete; five semesters in school and 72 weeks of practical training. After completing the programme students can take a jour­neym­an’s exam­ that qualifies them to pursue the trade and for further studies tow­ards becoming a master craftsman. Stu­dents have the option of graduating with a mat­riculation certification by adding general aca­demic subj­ects to their vocati­onal studies. Stu­dents who have completed the jour­neym­an’s or mat­riculation exam­inations are also qualified to apply for studies in product design at uni­versity level.

The study programme fin­ishes with a jour­neym­an’s exam­ination that provides qualifications to pursue the trade and/​or for further studies towards becoming a master craftsman. The education also provides excellent preparation for fur­ther studies at art aca­demies. The average duration of the study programme is four years, with five semesters in school and 72 weeks of practical training. To graduate with a mat­riculation examination an additi­onal two to three terms of general aca­demic studies are required.


Welcome to the School of Handicraft

Sandra Borg Gunnarsdóttir

Professional craftsmanship from head to toe

- Greetings from the headmaster

Our study programmes are designed for people who are creative, have fer­tile minds, a clear vision and a profound int­erest in working in the creative trades. The subjects are very diverse and it is important to keep up with new developments and trends as well as to find solutions that suit dif­f­erent indi­viduals and situations. Teachers at the school have a wide range of professi­onal know­ledge and experience, and we are particul­arly proud of our stu­dents who have chosen an ambitious and rew­ar­ding job for their future.

Sandra Borg Gunnarsdóttir


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