The school Information Centre consists of the school office, library and international department.

All students have the right to have access to professional library and information services in the school library.

Students can, among other things, hand in sick leave letters and receive verification of study at the school office.

The school office is located in the libraries in the main buildings on Skólavörðuholt, Háteigsvegur and Hafnarfjörður.



The main role of the library is to give students and staff access to information and resources that they can use for studies and teaching.

The library aims to provide varied and personal services including:

  • Professional information services and guidance in information literacy
  • Working with reference material and sources
  • Lending books and other materials
  • Study assistance

All books listed on students reading lists are available at the library, they can be borrowed for use in class or in the library.

Opening hours

The library is open during the following hours:

Skólavörðuholt Háteigsvegur Hafnarfjörður
Mondays 10:00–16:00 Mondays 10:00–15:00 Mondays 10:00–15:00
Tuesdays 08:10–16:00 Tuesdays 08:10–15:00 Tuesdays 08:10–15:00
Wednesdays 08:10–16:00 Wednesdays 08:10–15:00 Wednesdays 08:10–15:00
Thursdays 08:10–16:00 Thursdays 08:10–15:00 Thursdays 08:10–15:00
Fridays 08:10–15:00 Fridays 08:10–13:00 Fridays 08:10–13:00