Supervisory Teacher

UMSJÓN is a class in your timetable where you can meet your supervisory teacher and discuss anything you need to regarding your studies.

You can meet your supervisory teacher in this allotted time or send them an email. You can find all teachers’ email addresses here.

Parents and guardians are also welcome to attend or contact the supervisory teacher by email if they have any questions or concerns.


Supervisory teacher

Is the students’ advocate when dealing with the school authorities and other teachers.

Listens to students’ questions and concerns and relays them to the appropriate person and helps students to follow up on them.

Reviews the students’ course selection and confirms it in Inna.

Keeps track of information regarding attendance and study performance and informs student counsellors or the vice principal if problems arise in those areas.

Speaks to students one on one if attendance and/or study performance is lacking or refers them to student counsellors for support.