School of Building and Construction Trades

The School of Building and Construction Trades

gluggaskreyting á Skólavörðuholtinu

The School of Building and Construction Trades has five vocational study programmes as well as technical drawing. All students start by taking one semester of basic study which is joint for all building and construction study programmes. Thereafter the school offers a choice of five vocational study programmes:

House building. Students do various projects and finish their studies by building a summer house.

Cabinet making. The emphasis is on design and materials technology. As a final project the students design, draw and make an object such as a chair or a cabinet.

Painting. A large part of the study is practical training and the students learn to paint houses as well as various kinds of decorative painting.

Plumbing The main objective of the program is that students gain understanding, knowledge and skills to provide heat, consumer water and sewage systems and various specialized systems in buildings and structures, distribution systems for water and geothermal distribution, as well as installation tools and equipment associated with and controls these systems. Furthermore, the maintenance and renewal. 

Masonry. The students learn to plaster buildings but there is an increased emphasis on various types of brickwork and tiling.

Wallpapering. Students learn the use of flooring materials, tiling, carpet laying and other related jobs. In addition to practical training the students learn materials technology, technical drawing and various general subjects. The last part of the study programme is an apprenticeship agreement with a master craftsman of the chosen trade. The study and apprenticeship with a master craftsman takes a total of four years.

Students in Technical drawing make specialised drawings and handle the finishing and technical supervision of drawings and related data, according to quality standards. Examples of new responsibilities of technical draughtsmen are administration of drawing systems, graphic design, data formation and presentation as well as filing management and various organisational jobs and specialised office jobs.

Each programme is a total of 108 credit units and takes an average of six semesters in school. It is divided into general subjects, specialised obligatory subjects and specialised electives.

The Principal is Gunnar Kjartansson, tel.: 514 9101, e-mail: