School of Information Technology

The School of Information Technology

Ný vinnuaðstaða í VörðuskólaThe School of Information Technology offers the following two study programmes:

INFORMATION AND THE MEDIA, with emphasis on the material to be communicated; its form and appearance. The study programme makes use of the latest technology in presenting and communicating information in line with modern times.

The first three semesters of the programme is basic study followed by four elective speciality fields.
These are:

  • Graphic media design 
  • Bookbinding
  • Printing,
  • Photography

all certified trades. Subsequently there are various options for further studies as well as practical training that lead to a journeyman's examination.

The basic study is 58 credit units and takes three semesters and each speciality field is 21 credit unit and takes one semester. As an experiment the photography study programme has been extended to two semesters and 41 credit units in school with the practical training shortened to 24 weeks.

COMPUTERS. The objective is to provide stable knowledge within most areas of computer technology. The policy of the study programme is to customise the courses at all times according to the needs of the country's businesses and industry and to be a leader in computer education among Icelandic upper secondary schools. Furthermore, the objective is also to ensure that the study programme opens doors for students regarding work and/or further studies.

The computer study programme is 108 credit units and starts with a basic study which takes approximately four semesters (74 credit units) and a specialization of two or three semesters (34 credit units) depending on each student's interest. Further studies are offered in the following specializations: programming, web design, database management, netting technology and computer science, in addition to a final project within the student's interest.

The Principal of the School of Information Technology is Guðrún Randalín Lárusdóttir

Tel.: 514 9351 / 822 2336, e-mail