School of Navigation

School of Navigation

Leadership - Knowledge - Skills

Kynningarbæklingur SkipstjórnarskólansThe School of Navigation offers marine captain and master of ships study programmes as well as matriculation examinations.

The study programmes are divided in to five levels, each providing students the rights to work on board ships of different sizes and types. 

  • Certification levels A, B and C pertain to fishing vessels and certifications A and B specifically to vessel length. 
  • Certification D provides unlimited certification for all ships except coast guard ships. 
  • Certification E is for captains of coast guard ships. 

On completing the study program and fulfilling the requirements of on board training, service hours and safety education, students receive a certification for working as master on ships. The study curriculum also requires that students receive the relevant education and training for managing fisheries, both on land and at sea.

Rules of Admission

General secondary school rules of admission apply for the School of Navigation, with some exceptions. Students applying for enrolment in study programme A-Master on Fishing Vessels under 24 metres, must be 18 years of age at the time of their enrolment, please note that these conditions only apply for the fast-track program A.
No special requirements are made when applying for certification on ships less than 12 meters registered length. 

Principal of the School of Navigation:

Jón Hjalti Ásmundsson
Mobile: 894 3834 
Office in Háteigsvegur