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The maj­o­rity of our programmes emp­hasize vocati­onal training for the skilled trades.
All programmes are in Icelandic and we offer a programme for learning Icelandic for non-Icelandic speaking students preparing for further studies in Icelandic upper secondary schools.

About learning Icelandic as a second language

Are you int­erested in 3D, special effects, computer games and cartoon creation?

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The School of Building and Construction Trades has five vocational study programmes as well as Technical Drawing.

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The role of the School of Cont­inuing Education is to promote education programmes in cont­inuing education and lifelong learning.

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The School of General Academic Studies has four study programmes.

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The School of Marine Engineering offers quality studies that combine high-tech and craftsmanship.

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Studies for students who have completed a journeyman’s examination in a certified trade.

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The study programme makes use of the latest technology in presenting and comm­unicating information.

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25. May 2020

Graduation spring 2020

- Friday May 29th in Harpa

The Technical College Reykjavík graduation ceremony will be on Friday May the 29th in the Eldborg concert hall in Harpa. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, the graduation will be split in to two ceremonies, the first at 12:00 and the second at 15:00. We estimate that each ceremony will take around one and a half hours. We ask graduates to arrive 30 minutes before the start of the ceremony.

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Internati­onal <br>Colla­boration


Stu­dents and teachers visit other countries on a regular basis, to participate in proj­ects and courses or in vocati­onal training for their studies at Technical College Reykjavik.

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About the College

About the College

Technical College Reykjavík consists of 8 schools and the Technical Academy, offering around 50 study programmes and 800 courses each semester. Each school has its own head of school and educational independence.

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Visits & Presentations

Visits & Presentations

We are happy to receive guests and present the school and all it has to offer.
Many international contacts and others have visited us and gotten to know the diverse work that takes place in our school.

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Technical College Reykjavik emphasizes offering students top quality service.
What can we help you with?

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Sjá fleiri sumarnám

Íslenska – grunnur

Fornám fyrir þá sem fengu D í grunnskólaeinkunn. Viltu byrja í framhaldsskóla í haust með ...

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Grunnteikning seinni áfangi

Þrír megin þættir kenndir: flatarteikning, fallmyndun og yfirborðsútflatninga og fríhendisteikningu.

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Forritun 1 og forritun 2. Námskeið í forritunarmálinu Python þar sem farið verður frá grunni ...

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Sjá fleiri námsbrautir

Day school / Certification / 5 semesters

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering

Aircraft maintenance engineering in accordance with EASA Part-66, B1-1 full qualifications. Are you interested in ...

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Icelandic as a Second Language

Do you want to learn Icelandic? We offer a wide range of courses for non-native ...

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Reykjavík Academy of Web Development

Are you interested in working in a creative technology environment? Do you have a burning ...

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