Reykjavík Academy of Digital Entertainment

Reykjavík Academy of Digital Entertainment RADE

Two year diploma studies

Laugardaginn 31. janúar síðastliðinn hélt Kjartan Harðarson 3D artist hjá RVX þriggja klukkustunda fyrirlestur um ZBrush fyrir nemendur MargmiðlunarskólansStudies at the Reykjavík Academy of Digital Entertainment RADE are aimed at students who are interested in 3D technology, special effects in movies, computer game and cartoon animation. These subjects are all taught at the Academy. Studies emphasize conceptual work, initiative and independence, graduating students should have vivid imaginations and be willing to try new methods and ideas.

RADE offers a two year (four term) diploma programme and by completing an additional year at university students can earn a Bachelor degree in multimedia.


Reykjavík Academy of Digital Entertainment works closely with large companies in developing the curriculum and guest speakers are brought in on a regular basis. Frequent collaborators are CCP, Caoz, RVX, ReykjavikIO and many more.

Principal of RADE:

Ragnhildur Guðjónsdóttir
tel.: 514 9601, mobile: 865 5954
office no. 221 Háteigsvegur

Tækniskólinn Sjómannaskólahúsinu Háteigsvegi

RADE is located at Háteigsvegur, ground floor.