13. September 2022


After a status meeting with the Computer Department of the school, we would like to provide the following information.

At first glance, it can be said that the cyber attack that was carried out on the school last week was well thought out and serious.

Having said that, it should be noted that the school’s computer department, in collaboration with cyber security experts, has been working day and night to limit the damage.

The school’s network security is good, but you can expect a few days until the school’s network is up and running again.

  • Many workspaces already have a network and are marked with Post It notes with the words “can be used” which means the computer is secure and connected to WiFi
  • It is expected that the internet connection – WiFi – will be established in all the school’s buildings in the next few days (the latest on Friday)
  • Internet connection for computers in classrooms – e.g. computer labs – will probably be connected on Thursday
  • A temporary solution is being worked on in terms of printing, which will hopefully be implemented in the next few days
  • It is not considered likely that access to the school’s drives will be available until next week
  • The school’s office can´t answer email sent to [email protected] at the moment but requests will be answered as soon as the system has been repaired

The above information is published subject to changes that can both speed up these processes and delay them.

We ask staff and students to be patient while the repairs are being made.