08. August 2019

Beginning of school fall 2019

Beginning of school fall 2019

New Students – School opening ceremony will be held on August 15th

We will welcome new students and introduce the school at school opening ceremonies on August 15th. There will be a ceremony at each of our campuses at the following times:

  • Skólavörðuholt at 10:00
  • Háteigsvegur at 13:00
  • Hafnarfjörður at 15:00

Locations – Campus information

August 15th – Schedules posted on Inna

All students in the day school can access their schedules on Inna on August 15th.
To access Inna students need an IceKey or electronic ID. Registered next of kin of students under 18 have access to Inna, the schools’ information system, and can use it to monitor the students’ progress and attendance as well as register sick days. Students can grant next of kin access to Inna after they turn 18.

August 15th – 16th – Schedule changes

When schedules have been posted to Inna students can request changes if they are missing courses that they had selected in the previous term. These requests are sent through Inna.
Requests for schedule changes that have been made before the end of August 16th will have priority.

Books and materials

Students can find a list of books and materials with their class schedule on Inna.

August 19th – Classes start

Classes start on August 19th, both in the day school and for distance study courses.

School calendar

School calendar for students 2019 to 2020.