05. October 2020

Classes October 5th

Dear students

Tomorrow, Monday October the 5th, the school buildings of Tækniskólinn will be closed for one day. Classes will move over to Teams. In some practical classes (sumir verknámsáfangar), classes will be cancelled and you will be able to see that on Inna. You therefore need to pay close attention to the messages in Inna tomorrow morning.  If there are no messages you are supposed to attend all classes tomorrow in Teams.

The stricter measures that are being enforced due to Covid make our on-site teaching more complicated and we will use the day tomorrow to plan how we implement it. You will thus have classes in Teams tomorrow and will then get more information for the remainder of the week before the end of the day.

The only thing that we can take for granted these days is uncertainty. Now it is important for all of us, both us employees and you students, to keep focused and not give up.

Best regards,

Hildur principal