10. March 2021

Course selection week March 15th to 19th 2021

Course selection week

Students who wish to continue their studies in the fall semester of 2021 must meet with their supervisory teacher to review course selection for next semester. Supervisory teachers will have office hours on Teams where students can meet them during the course selection week March 15th to 19th. Students can change their course selection in Inna and are asked to review it before the Teams meeting with their supervisory teacher. Students can see the meeting time (their supervisory teachers’ office hours) in their timetable in Inna. 

It is important for students in day school to choose the correct courses according to the organisation of their study programme. Both students and supervisory teachers need to confirm the course selection in Inna. 

Important notes on course selection: 

  • Follow rules regarding prerequisites.  
  • Choose the courses required to stay on track according to the study programme. 
  • Choose the correct number of credits for your primary selection: up to 26 lessons or 33 credits per semester. 
  • Exceptions can be made for graduation semesters or if it is necessary due to the organisation of the study programme. 
  • Choose no fewer than 15 credits per semester.
  • Make sure to have one to three courses as a secondary or backup selection. 

Please note that the selection week and confirmation fee do not apply to students in the following study programmes: Aircraft maintenance engineering, Web development, Master craftsmanship, Digital entertainment, Audio engineering, Film industry technician and distance studies. 

Changing study programmes

Students who wish to change their study programme need to fill out an application in Inna before the end of March 19th 

Confirmation fee

The confirmation fee is deducted from the tuition. It is important that students who wish to continue in the next semester confirm this by paying the 5.000 kr. confirmation fee. The date of payment for the confirmation fee is March 17th and the final due date is April 7th. The confirmation fee is non-refundable. If the confirmation fee is not paid students will have to submit a formal reapplication to the school through Menntamálastofnun. 

The fee can be paid in any bank by giving the students “kennitala” and the information that the claim is in Landsbankinn, bank 111. If the student is under 18 the claim is made out to the person registered as next of kin in Inna.