06. April 2020

Cur­rent closure extended

Cur­rent closure extended

Dear stu­dents

Today, April 3rd 2020, the Mini­ster of Health in Ice­land, announced a decision to extend the cur­rent closure of upper secondary schools and uni­versity build­ings to May 4th.  This means that our school build­ings will be closed until at least the 4th of May.

In light of this situation, it has been decided to complete all courses that we can remotely, including all general subj­ects (e.g. Icelandic, Math, English etc.), computer courses and drawing courses. We are also working on solutions for the vocati­onal courses and will provide more information on how we plan to complete them in the first week after Easter.

You have done really well in this difficult situation.  This is not easy for anyone of us and requires  per­sever­ance and endurance. It is good for all of us that Easter holiday is ahead and I encourage you to take good care of your­selves and your loved ones. The Easter holiday (April 4th – April 14th) can be a good chance to rest but it is also important to make good use of it if you are behind on project assign­ments. Now is a good opport­unity to catch up.

It is important that you know that we have your int­erest at heart and I am sure that we will succeed in completing the semester together even if it is in an uncon­venti­onal way.  It is quite obvious that the graduation will not be done in the tra­diti­onal way (a big ceremony in a large hall), but we will find a solution that will suit the situation in society at that time.  To those that are reg­ist­ered for graduation this spring: we will make a special effort in order for you to be able to complete your courses and graduate on time.

Finally, I would like to remind you of the support services that are available at our school and I encourage both you and your par­ents/​guar­dians not to hesi­tate to contact us if you have questions.  You will find information on coun­selling, psychology services, the school’s office etc. at tskoli.is.

Have a good Easter holiday!  Hildur principal