01. December 2022

End of fall-semester 2022

Dear students,

As the semester draws to a close, we would like to remind students of a few important things to keep in mind in the final schooldays.  


End of semester 

The last week of the semester is December 12th to 16th, however the last day of class can vary between courses, so students are encouraged to check their Inna to see when their last day of class is.  

December 13th and 14th are course evaluation days and depending on the organisation of each course students might have tests scheduled, regular coursework or the deadline for turning in their last assignments. Teachers provide information regarding the organisation of the course evaluation days. 


Tests and assignments 

Teachers post tests and assignments on Inna so students can see exact dates and deadlines for all tests and assignments. Students are encouraged to review this information closely and contact their teacher if they have any questions or comments. 


Final grades and evaluations 

On the final course evaluation day, December 16th, students can view their final grades in Inna. Students are encouraged to read their evaluations and review their grades. Students will also have a chance to revise their course selection for next semester with their supervisory teacher. Supervisory teachers will be available between 10:00 and 12:00 December 16th.


Technical College graduation 

The Technical College graduation ceremony will be held in Eldborg Harpa Tuesday December 20th at 13:00. 


School calendar 

Important dates can be found in (students school calendar,) Inna and the event calendar on the school website. 


Study assistance 

We place great emphasis on providing students with the best possible study assistance and would like to point out the available resources: 

Study Lab
Offers students assistance when taking tests and support with homework assignments. 

The main role of the library is to give stu­dents and staff access to information and resources that they can use for studies and teaching. 

Writing Lab
Offers students assistance with essay writing, finding sources and writing bibliographies. 

Extra classes
Stu­dents have the option of extra classes and peer tutoring in a variety of subj­ects. 

Student counsellors
Provide support and ass­ist­ance in matters concerning studies, fur­ther education and career options. 


Best of luck!