20. November 2019

Last weeks of the semester

Last weeks of the semester

Here are a few things to remember as the end of the semester gets closer:

Tests and assignments – information in Inna

Teachers have now posted all test dates and assignment deadlines in Inna. We urge students to check this information for all their courses and contact their teachers if they have any questions or comments.

Last day of classes – 5th and 6th of December

The last day of classes this semester is the 5th or 6th of December, depending on students timetables and course plans. Students can check Inna to see test dates and assignment deadlines.

Final grades posted – Course assessment – Feedback – 13th of December

Final grades will be posted to Inna the 13th of December. Teacher will be available to review course assessment and grades with students the same day. We encourage students to take advantage of this opportunity to go over the results of the semester with their teachers. This is also a chance to revise course selection for next semester with their supervising teacher.

Graduating students

All students graduating at the end of the semester should now be registered as graduates. If a student is graduating but not registered as a graduate in Inna they need to contact their headmaster as soon as possible.

Graduation ceremony in Silfurberg-Harpa 18th of December at 2pm

The Technical College Christmas graduation ceremony 2019 will be in Silfurberg-Harpa, Wednesday the 18th of December at 2 pm. The hall will have reserved seats for the graduating students and all study programmes join in the same ceremony. The event will be around two hours long.

Studies next semester

All students continuing their studies should have confirmed their course selection and paid their deposit for next semester. If a student needs to make any changes regarding their studies next semester they should contact their headmaster or a student counsellor as soon as possible.


Students that pay their tuition before the due date receive a 5000 ISK discount. Due date and final deadline for payment are sent in an email to students when their tuition fees are charged. Students that pay after the deadline are placed on a waiting list and are not guaranteed a place for next semester.

Best of luck with your studies!