29. August 2022

New Student Trip

At the start of each school year NST (The student body council) organizes a trip for new students to introduce the school’s social life to them and give them a chance to get to know each other through various activities and games.

This year we will be visiting Stokkseyri where NST is offering 5 workshops. After the first two workshops there will a pizza party, courtesy of NST. The trip will start at 8:30 and is scheduled to end at 17:00.


Entertainment and activities


The workshops that will be available are:

  • Zorb football (Bubble ball)
  • Board game workshop
  • Kajaks
  • Game workshop
  • Ghost museum

No one is forced to take part in any activities they don’t want to.


Ticket Prices and leave from classes

All students that take part in the trip will get leave from their classes for the day. Other students have to attend their classes as scheduled. Tickets cost 5.000 kr.


Promotion of the schools social life

Along with teachers and staff members there will be members of the student body board as well as members of various committees will be there to introduce their roles and why it might be fun for you to take part. NST sweaters will be sold on site for a special price along with other NST merchendise.

Ticket sales for the first student dance of the year will open during the trip. The dance will be held along with two other schools in Reykjavík; Borgarholtsskóli and Fjölbrautaskólinni við Ármúla. New students at these schools will have first dibs on tickets for 24 hours.



Here you can buy tickets for the new student trip.

Ticket sales close at 13:30 on August 30th and tickets will not be available after that time.