16. October 2020

Next week in Tækniskólinn

Dear stu­dents

Next week there will be only three days of classes – Monday, Tuesday and Wed­nesday. These days are followed by winter break which lasts from Thursday the 22nd of October until Monday the 26th of October.  During the winter break the school build­ings will be closed (and stu­dent access cards to the build­ings will not work).

Classes will be run the same way next week as they have been this week apart from íslensku­braut and starfs­braut – where more stu­dents will be att­ending in house classes.  Stu­dents in íslensku­braut and starfs­braut that are supp­osed to attend in house next week will get a special e-mail about that.  As before it is important to check Inna and your e-mail regularly.

I encourage you to work hard on your studies for the next days and then enjoy the winter break.  Tow­ards the end of next week you will be able to see your midw­inter assess­ment in Inna which is supp­osed to help you evaluate how you are doing in your classes.  We use 4 letters for midw­inter assess­ment:

A = Ágætt. The stu­dent is doing well in class
B = Í lagi. The stu­dent is doing ok
C = Ábótavant. The stu­dent needs to put in some hard work to pass
X = not enough information present to make an assess­ment

I want to repeat my thanks to you for your hard work and resilience this term.  If you are having any problems don‘t hesi­tate to contact a stu­dent coun­selor, a supervisory teacher, the psychologist or your skóla­stjóri.

My final words this week: don‘t give up – we will finish this together!

Have a good weekend!

Hildur principal