23. March 2023

NST Annual Celebration Dance

Dance in Gamla bíó

Tækniskólaball 25 mars'22Technical College is hosting a dance Wednesday March 29th with Fjölbrautaskólinn Ármúla and Borgarholtsskóli. The dance which will be held at Gamla bíó starts at 22:00. All guests attending must arrive before 23:00 when admittance to the venue closes. The dance will finish at 01:00 and Technical College students attending will have the first class on Thursday March 30th off. Artists performing at the dance are: Jói P, Daniil, Inspector Spacetime, Birnir, Erpur and Dóra Júlía.

Tickets are available for Technical College students – here – for 4.000 ISK. Ticket sales for other attendees will be available Thursday March 23rd at 10:00 – here – for 5.000 ISK. Intoxication invalidates tickets.


Dinner at Skólavörðuholt

The NST entertainment committee will be warming up for the dance with a dinner in the student’s dining hall at Skólavörðuholt. Búllan will set up a pop-up restaurant and dessert will be from Valdís Icecream . Dinner costs 2.500 ISK and registration is here. The venue opens at 19:30.


Themes for Annual Celebration Week

The week of the Annual Celebration will have a new theme each day.

Monday March 27th – Sport jerseys 

Tuesday March 28th – 90’s theme 

Wednesday March 29th –  Annual Celebration Dance 

Thursday March 30th – Pajama day

Friday March 31st – Fancy friday