11. March 2020

Registering sick leave for students

Registering sick leave for students

How to register sick leave

For ordinary sick days

  1. Registering ordinary sick days for students under 18 is unchanged. Please see instructions here. 
  2. Students that are over 18 can now register ordinary sick days in Inna without needing a doctor’s note.

For Covid-19

  1. Students can register sick leave the day they are absent and/or one day in advance.
  2. All students absent because of COVID-19 register it in Inna in the same way as ordinary sick days but add the reason in a comment. Please write COVID-19 in the comment. It is important that students or their parents/guardians also send an email to Guðrún Randalín, the vice principal (email [email protected]), with information explaining their absence. Whether it is due to quarantine, a confirmed COVID-19 infection or underlying risk factors for the student or members of their family.

The school is requesting this information in order to better support the students during their absence. This information will be kept strictly confidential and only accessible to relevant school personnel.