05. March 2021

Second part of our two-part semester

Dear students, 

We are about to start the second part of our two-part semester. This means that your “spönn 1” courses are over and your “spönn 2” courses are beginning. Monday and Tuesday of next week, March 8th and 9th, are teacher conference days with no classes.  Spönn 2” begins on March 10th according to your new timetable in Inna (please note that you will need to choose next week in your Inna calendar to see the new timetable). Some of you are registered in courses that are continuing from “spönn 1” to “spönn 2” so the timetables for them won´t change. 

Grades for courses in “spönn 1” 

All grades should be posted in Inna tomorrow, Saturday March 6th. There may be some exceptions, but those grades will be posted by the end of Monday. 

Timetable corrections 

Timetable corrections for “spönn 2” are only for students who didn´t get their selected courses in the new timetable. 

If students fail a course in “spönn 1” they retake that course in the fall semester 2021. Exceptions can be made if rules regarding prerequisites prevent students from completing their studies on time. 

Requests for timetable corrections can be made in Inna on Saturday March 6th and Sunday March 7th 

Requests will be processed on Monday and Tuesday, March 8th and 9th, and results will be posted in Inna. 

Timetable corrections are not used to withdraw from courses. 

If you have questions, please contact your headmaster. Finally, we want to congratulate you on your impressive performance in “spönn 1”. It has been fantastic to be able to have the school mostly back to normal and hopefully that will continue in spönn 2”. 

Best regards, 

Guðrún and Hildur