09. March 2020

Selection week March 9th to 13th 2020

Selection week March 9th to 13th 2020

Selection week March 9th to 13th 2020

Confirm registration for next semester

Students who wish to continue their studies next semester (fall 2020) must meet with their supervisory teacher to confirm their course selection in the selection week: March 9th to 13th. It is important that students choose the correct courses for their study programme. Students can edit their course selection in Inna and are encouraged to review it carefully before meeting with their supervisory teacher. Both the student and their supervisory teacher need to confirm the course selection in Inna for it to be valid. Students will find the meeting time with their supervisory teachers in their timetable.

It is important that students select the correct number of credits per semester for their study programme.

  • Up to 26 classes per semester for all vocational study programmes
  • Up to 30 classes per semester for 3-year matriculation certificate study programmes

Switching study programmes

Students that wish to switch study programmes send an application in Inna. The application deadline is March 13th.

Confirmation fee 5.000. – kr – due date March 9th

The confirmation fee subtracts from the tuition fee for that semester. It is important that students who wish to continue their studies pay the confirmation fee to secure their place in their chosen study programme. The confirmation fee is 5.000. kr and is non-refundable. If students do not pay the confirmation fee, they will need to apply for the school again through the Directorate of Education.

The fee can be paid in the nearest bank. It is a claim in Landsbankinn, bank no.111, under the students’ id number (kennitala). If the student is under 18 the claim is registered to the first next of kin listed in Inna.