15. February 2022

Ski trip to Bláfjöll


Tomorrow NST‘s ski- and snowboarding day in Bláfjöll finally arrives.

Busses will leave at 9:30 so it‘s very important that everyone who is goin is ready to get on the busses at 9:00 in Skólavörðuholt or Flatahraun.

The ride back will be at 15:45 and it‘s important that everyone is ready at the busses at 15:30 (that means you should have returned rented gear by then).

We expect to be back at the school at 16:30.

Below you can find a few important things to have in mind:

  • Make sure to wear warm clothes that shield you from winds and weather.
  • Goggles are not included in the gear rental.
  • Gear rental costs 3000 kr. and is paid on the mountain – people who don‘t need to rent gear have already paid for the day.
  • NST does not provide lunch on the mountain but food can be bought in the ski lodge in Bláfjöll.
  • Participants will get leave from classes during the trip.

If any problems occur during the trip you can contact Ragga Dís (698-6791), Helga Rakel (665-1161) or Brynja (893-8487).