03. January 2022

Start of semester

Classes begin on January 5th

Hús skólans og merki.

Teaching in Technical College Reykjavík will begin onsite according to timetables on Wednesday 5th of January. Students and guardians will be able to view timetables in Inna on Tuesday January 4th. Most of the teaching will be onsite (staðnám), but some courses may be temporarily (partially or fully) transferred online (to Teams) to reduce the number of students in the most occupied school buildings as we move through the current COVID wave. If this is the case the teacher in question will notify their students through Inna or ​e-mail. Otherwise, students are to attend class according to their timetable in the given classroom. It should be noted that if a student happens to have classes both on site and online the same day, he can always go to the classroom where the class was supposed to be and study from there or go to the library and get access to a computer there if needed.

It is very important that we are as careful as possible regarding COVID. Obligatory mask wearing will continue in all school buildings and the masks are not to be taken off except when eating/​drinking. It is also very important not to attend school if you have any symptoms that could indicate COVID, but instead get a check as soon as possible. See further information on www.covid.is. It should be noted that the decision to start classes onsite on January 5th is in part based on the government’s assessment that it is important for upper secondary schools (fram­halds­skóli) to operate as normally as possible. However, we should all be prepared to have to study to some extent online on Teams  in the coming school semester, and therefore we encourage all those who have not used Teams before to go to this website and get ready. Teams can be set up both on your phone and computer.

Finally, we would like to point out the the school’s COVID page.

Happy new year!

Principal Hildur