06. January 2021

Start of spring semester 2021

Dear students in Tækniskólinn

We are working hard on planning the teaching for the next weeks in light of new restrictions on gat­her­ings that took effect on January 1st. As previ­ously menti­oned the term will be split into two parts that we call ,,spönn” (singular) or ,,spannir” (plural). Your timetable should be visible in Inna on Tuesday afternoon, January 5th.

The change in restrictions on social gat­her­ings allow for more on-site teaching than was possible before Christmas. If not­hing changes in society reg­ar­ding COVID for the next few days, vocati­onal courses will mostly be run in a con­venti­onal on-site fashion but the aca­demic classes will mostly be taught through a blend of on-site and remote teaching (in some cases completely on-site). You will get fur­ther information on how your classes will be run by e-mail on Wed­nesday and general information will be available online as well.

Best reg­ards,

Hildur principal


Please see below for further information regarding the start of spring semester 2021

Timetables will be ready January 5th
Timetables for all day school students will be available in Inna on January 5th.

Changes to timetables January 6th
Changes to timetables for the first part of the semester (spönn 1) are now open in Inna. Changes to timetables are only available to students that did not get all their chosen courses for the semester.

Classes start January 7th according to timetables.

If you are new to our school you may find the information on this site helpful: Are you starting school?