30. December 2018

Taking steps to Eco School

Taking steps to Eco School

Increasing knowledge and promoting respect for nature and the environment

Landvernd, the Icelandic Environment Association, IEA, is a national non-governmental organization focusing on environmental issues.
The IEA has sent the Technical College Reykjavík confirmation of participation in the seven steps required to gain approval as a green flag Eco-School.
IEA Landvernd posts the following information about the project on their website:

Eco School

Eco Schools is one of the five educational programs run by the Foundation for Environmental Education  (FEE). It is an international award program that guides schools on their journey towards a sustainable school environment. The program provides a simple framework to help make sustainability an integral part of school life. Eco-Schools can help enhance the curriculum and get the whole school united behind important environmental issues says, mong other things. The steps are seven specific projects dresses to raise awareness of students, teachers and other school staff about environmental issues. They Strengthen the foundation for a Responsible attitude Taken and implemented specific initiatives in environmental and sustainability Within the school.