19. April 2023

Technical College Graduation

Blóm og svið

The Technical College graduation ceremony spring 2023 will be held in Eldborg Harpa, Friday May 26th. The ceremony starts at 13:00 but graduating students are asked to arrive one-hour earlier, at 12:00 in the Eldborg concert hall.  

Graduates will be assigned seats for the ceremony and each school will graduate their programmes one at a time. Guests can choose their own seats and each student can invite up to four guests to join them at the ceremony.  

Here are a few practical points for graduates attending the ceremony:

  • Graduates show up at 12:00 in the Eldborg concert hall
  • Other guests are admitted 20 minutes prior to the ceremony
  • Max number of guests per graduates is four
  • The ceremony will take around two hours
  • Neat clothing is a requirement

Please note that students graduating from two study programmes will receive both diplomas at once. 

Graduating students are invited to a special information meeting regarding the graduation where the details of the ceremony will be explained. The meeting will be held on TEAMS – Thursday, April 25th – from 12:40 to 13:10.

Link to the meeting is HERE.