22. November 2022

Technical College Graduation fall 2022

Útskrift á haustönn 2021

The Technical College graduation ceremony fall 2022 will be held in Eldborg Harpa Tuesday December 20th. The ceremony starts at 13:00 but graduating students are asked to arrive one-hour earlier, at 12:00 in the Eldborg concert hall.  

Graduates will be assigned seats for the ceremony and each school will graduate their programmes one at a time. Guests can choose their own seats and each student can invite up to four guests to join them at the ceremony.  

It is estimated that the ceremony will take around two hours.  

It is important that graduates show up on time – at 12:00 – to have time to go over the organisation of the ceremony before guests are seated in the hall. Graduates and guests are reminded that neat clothing is a requirement when attending the ceremony.  

Please note that students graduating from two study programmes will receive both diplomas at once.