25. May 2021

Technical College Reykjavík Graduation

Technical College Reykjavík Graduation spring semester 2021 will be in Eldborg Harpa wednesday May 26th. Due to Covid restrictions there will be two ceremonies, the first starts at 14:00 and the second at 17:00. Each student can bring two guests to their ceremony. Both ceremonies will be live streamed on the school’s YouTube channel. 

Students should arrive 45 minutes before the start of their ceremony. Seats will be labeled for each student, but school staff will be on hand to assist. 

All students and faculty will be given masks by the school before the ceremony. 

Below are the schools participating in each ceremony: 

First ceremony at 14:00 

  • School of Building & Construction Trades 
  • School of Electrical Technology 
  • School of General Academic Studies 
  • School of Information Technology 

Second ceremony at 17:00 

  • School of Master Craftsmanship 
  • School of Navigation 
  • The Technical Aca­demy 
  • School of Marine Engineering 
  • School of Design and Handicraft 

It is estimated that each ceremony will take about 1,5 hours.