02. May 2020

Technical College Reykjavík reopening changes

Technical College Reykjavik will open to students and staff on the 4th of May. Please note that the school is only open to students going to class, to a scheduled meeting with student counsellors, to the school offices or to empty their lockers. Students experiencing flu-like symptoms should stay at home and contact their headmaster.  

The campus is divided into zones designated for specific groups of students and no unnecessary moving between zones is allowed.

Each zone has a specific entrance. Students attend according to their new timetables and are asked to leave the campus when their classes are finished. The cafeteria is closed so students are asked to bring their own lunch.

The headmasters will send all their students further information.
Please click here to read the letter from the principal to all students:
Upplýsingar til nemenda 2. maí 2020 – information for students May 2nd 2020

Students can meet with student counsellors and the school psychologist in their offices but need to make appointments first using Inna or by calling or emailing.

The school offices are open and students can return library books there.

All students coming to school for appointments or to the offices are asked to use the main entrance in each building.

Please contact us if you have any questions! You can reach us by phone: 514 9000, email: [email protected] or in our web chat.