Icelandic as a Second Language

Do you speak Icelandic? Are you from another country? Is Icelandic not your native language?


If your native language is not Icelandic

Icelandic as a Second Language is intended for students whose native language is not Icelandic.
A wide range of Icelandic courses are offered in preparation for study in Icelandic upper secondary schools, where all courses are taught in Icelandic.

General Information


To apply you need to have another native language than Icelandic. According to Icelandic laws younger students have a higher priority to get into the programme.

Students applying to the programme should contact Technical College Reykjavík for assistance selecting courses. Please contact Guðlaug Kjartansdóttir.  Email [email protected], tel. 514 9116 or 898 7149.

After graduation

After completing the programme students are expected to be prepared to start their education at the upper secondary school level or to have improved their Icelandic skills enough to enter the job market.

Many students who have sufficiently advanced Icelandic skills register for other study programmes at Technical College Reykjavík to their Icelandic studies.


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